15 pounds down!

I can eat all I want of this stuff: Mostly, I eat carrots and tomatoes. Asparagus at dinner. It’s working! I’m 15 pounds down. That’s almost like not carrying 7 liters of water! My pack fully loaded is around 31 lbs. I am planning to lose 30. Essentially, what I am saying is, I will […]

Lums Pond State Park

Sunday morning really started off beautifully. I was heading over to brush my teeth in the communal bathroom area, when the moon just caught my eye. Spring is close, but this was definitely a Winter-looking morning. It was cold, too! 27F when I climbed out of my tent. My brand new Walmart One Person Backpacking […]

Finish CT: 483 to 507.4

I will pass the 500 milestone on this trip. That will be exciting. I have a very hilly 24.3 to do. I’m going to take 3 days. Just to not stress my foot. I have lost 11 lbs. In hiker weight, my hiker weight, it’s like I’ll be walking without my tent, my pack, and […]

I Will Finish

That is the spot to finish. Mount Katahdin. That is where I will finish the AT. The plan is to hike all of Maine in one go. My wife is a little concerned about the 100 mile wilderness. I told my friend and fellow hiker (Sleeping Beauty) and she offered to go with me as […]

“Just Doug”

This is going to be a different kind of post. Something is different. Something is changing in me. Such a beautiful shot that tree and rainbow. Not mine. But that is how I’m going to try and look at the world from now on. Looking for a rainbow, even when a storm is approaching. At […]

Since Christmas

I’ve been off trail since Christmas. Notice I’m not off THE trail, I’m off trail. That’s how the real hikers say it. I think. I need life to suck less. 😊 I just went through all the photos and videos my friend Sleeping Beauty posted from Mt Katahdin to after Knife’s Edge where we first […]