The 100 Mile Wilderness

So. I thought, that the 100 mile wilderness was located just as you enter Maine, going North on the AT. Today I found out different! It is actually located just before you enter Baxter State Park, the park where you Summit Mt. Katahdin. I’ve talked my thru hiker friend Sleeping Beauty into hiking that section […]

Today in the rain.

I was so down on Tuesday and Wednesday. I didn’t know what to do with myself!!! Returning from the trail just seems to get harder and harder as I spend more time out there. It used to be that I was eager to get back to my bed and a hot shower. Now, not so […]

Rockfish Gap to the Priest!

EXACTLY! What a long, strange trip it’s been, this summer season of hiking the AT. It started out as…what did it start as? Can’t remember. Can’t remember much if anything these days. Well anyway, it has ended with a bang! Specifically, a deer running into my car! Then, a bee sting, a fall breaking one […]

Finish Shenandoah!

This trip was all about the sunrises! I started at Doyle’s River Trailhead and hiked South to Rockfish Gap, where the Skyline Drive meets the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was 27.1 miles over three days. Mostly fun and easy! I’ve now hiked 679.9 miles in 70 days on the trail. I met a bunch of […]

Compton Gap to Doyle’s River Trailhead

That would be Mary’s Rock Summit! My first stop after leaving Compton Gap on my way to finish the Shenandoah National Park. I didn’t finish, but it was a total success! It was my first hike past 5 days, which meant a resupply would be necessary and a shower mandatory. Five Days is my wet […]